Leaking pipes? - BRAWOLINER®

The rehabilitation of buried pipes - easy, fast and reliable

High renovation needs

Homeowners are facing a challenge if the tightness of the pipes is required by law or deomestic provisions. To prove the condition of their drainage system a qualified dense test is required. In most countries the total length of the private and industrial drainage system is much greater than the public sewage system. according to investigations in various regions most of the domestic drainages are old and many pipes are damaged.

Exfiltration by longitudinal crack
Infiltration through cracks in the pipes
Penetration by roots

The Solution

The BRAWOLINER® Rehabilitation is the ideal solution for defective drainage systems in private houses and large real estates, industrial plants, hospitals and gas stations...

The trenchless rehabilitation allows a quick, cheap and durable rehabilitation of pipes within buildings, buried pipes and pipe connections.

The Problems

Exfiltration: Through defective pipes wastewater can enter into the ground. The discharge of pollutants into the ground is illegal and contermination of soil and groundwater must be avoided.

Infiltration: If clean groundwater and rainwater enters faulty sewage pipes, it must be cleaned at the treatment plant as well and thus leads to the significant increase in sewage charges.

With the proven BRAWOLINER® system, the rehabilitation can be carried out easily, quickly and very cost-effective.

The advantages

  • Rapid rehabilitation without excavation, dirt and noise;
  • Up to 50% cheaper than open construction;
  • Suitable for almost all damages and all pipe materials
  • Durability of over 50 years

All these advantages established BRAWOLINER® as an ideal solution for residential and industrial pipes.