Renovation of lateral junctions and connections

Providing solutions for long-lasting water tightness for lateral junctions and connections

In terms of damage to drainage systems, defective junctions and connections have been at the top of the list of issues for decades. Damaged laterals are not just a problem for the older systems; incorrectly fitted junctions and connections can also be seen in new systems. Rehabilitation is generally required when the floor or walls show signs of damp or start to produce mould or saltpetre.

The repair of leaky connections is a big challenge. Improper fitting of the post lining, constriction of the materials during the cure process or a lack of resistance against aggressive sewage can all lead to the rehabilitated connections not being watertight. Indeed, improperly renovated “Top-Hat” connections have considerably contributed to the current experts' discussions about the quality of rehabilitation in sewerage systems. 

BRAWOLINER® offers a complete system for quick, cheap and long-lasting repair of leaking lateral junctions and connections.

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