BRAWOLINER® stands for quality

Liner, resin und equipment for the highest demands

Quality plays a significant role in the sewer rehabilitation. As the pipes in the ground are difficult to control, it is important to choose long-lasting and high-quality materials.

BRAWOLINER® follows the strict quality assurance standards of the medical industry. The KOB quality control department employs qualified staff and the necessary equipment to carry out all technical and chemical tests with ultimate professionalism. Constant quality assurance checks before, during and after production coupled with comprehensive documentation of the material properties guarantee consistently high product quality. For quality assurance purposes all products are clearly marked with batch numbers which allows all test results to be traced for many years after production.

DIBt and Thames Water approved

As the first liner system BRAWOLINER® reveived the DIBt approval for the rehabilitation of small dimension sewerage systems in 2004. Today BRAWOLINER® is DIBt-approved for the renovation of underground pipes (permit number: Z-42.3-362) and of pipes laid inside buildings (permit number: DIBt Z-42.3-499). BRAWOLINER® renovation products also conform to various international standards (such as QUiK, kiwa and WRC CP308), while fulfilling the requirements of BS EN ISO 11296-4:2011. Furthermore it passed the Thames Water Infiltration Test.

Approved by German Institute of Civil Engineering

2 x IKT Test winner

Exactly like our proven BRAWOLINER® the XT liner also won the IKT product test in standard and in extreme situations.

During the extensive functional check BRAWOLINER® XT received the best results in all assessment criterias (effectiveness, density and load-carrying capacity of the structure).