The "company" BRAWOLINER®

From a problem to the market leader...

BRAWOLINER® is a division of the Karl Otto Braun GmbH & Co. KG (KOB).

The parent company KOB was founded in 1903. Today KOB is the world's leader in the manufacturing of special elastic fabrics used for medical and technical purposes. The company has a workforce of about 650 employees and production facilities of over 90,000 square meters.

Inspired by a case of damage in the own production line, KOB developed the first flexible textile liner that enables  the rehabilitation of pipes with bends up to 90° and dimensional changes. 

Specialising in small diameter pipes, BRAWOLINER® has become one of the leading system suppliers in the drain and sewer renovation industry. Beside the consumables liner and resin, the company also provides appropriate installation equipment and purpose-built, fully equipped vehicles and trailers.

Continuous research and innovation in the in-house research center enables us to consistently provide products that are used worldwide. A modern and vertically integrated production facility ensures complete control over all aspects of manufacturing. A well trained, efficient and qualified staff provides quality assurance of the highest standards.