Sacpro AB is a leading supplier of tools and materials for lining sewer systems. The company has over 20 years’ experience of lining in the field, first as a contractor working throughout Sweden and since 2005, exclusively as a producer of equipment and a supplier to contractors in the lining business. Sacpro has developed three brands Sacpipe®, Sacparts® and Sactools®. Along with its own brands, the company works closely with leading European manufacturer Brawoliner® for which Sacpro offers a complete range of lining products. Sacpro currently supplies products to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, but also to the Baltic countries, Germany, Belgium, UK and Australia.
Sacpro AB represents a full range of installation equipment marketed under the brand name Sactools. This includes Extruders, rolling mills, equipment for pipe milling and a complete system for installation of branch pipes. Sacpro holds the Brawoliner agency in Sweden, Norway and Finland and has offices in both Sweden and Finland.


Sweden & Norway:
Sacpro AB

Källviksvägen 10

791 52 Falun

+46 23 790 650



Sacpro Oy

Hallimestarinkatu 9

20780 Kaarina


+358 40048 2040