BRAWO® Mini Cleaner

The ideal high-speed option (up to 2900RPM) for cleaning, descaling and blockage removal in various types of pipe in nominal sizes from DN32 to DN70. The BRAWO® Mini Cleaner is also suitable for pipes with several 90° bends and difficult DN50 U bends.

Advantages of the BRAWO® Mini Cleaner

  • Low weight enables flexible use
  • Also suitable for complicated pipe runs
  • Safer working thanks to safety clutch and foot pedal
  • Fast and efficient cleaning of clogged pipes without the use of water


The BRAWO® Mini Cleaner starter kit  (DN32 & DN40) includes different cleaning chains, cleaning panels and cleaning brushes. The Mini Sweeper and Twister Mini Flex are available separately for DN50 pipes.

Further cleaning brushes, cutting tools, front drill attachments and much more are available for the BRAWO® Mini Cleaner. Feel free to contact us!