Curing of the BRAWO® Resin with hot water

The BRAWO® HotBox is a diesel-powered continuous heater specially designed for domestic sewer renovation. Thanks to the high heating output, up to 1000 litres of water can be heated per hour. The mobile unit can be easily transported and can be operated outdoors close to the renovation site.

Technical data BRAWO® HotBox
Water qty per hour (min/max) 500/1000
Temperature (°C) up to 90°C
Heating output net kcal/h 61.000
Max. working pressure 20 bar
Measurements (LxWxH in mm) 620 x 610 x 950
Weight appr. 74 kg

BRAWO® HotBox advantages

  • Mobile heating unit
  • Oil or diesel-powered
  • Stable frame with rollers
  • Boiler with heating coil, top-fired boiler system
  • Incl. oil monitor (diesel monitor)
  • Incl. circulation pump

Circulation pump

During the hot cure process, the BRAWO® HotBox is connected to the inversion drum and warm water is then passed into the liner. Once the curing water is at the correct temperature a special pump, designed for use with hot water, is used to re-circulate the water through the liner and the BRAWO® HotBox.

BRAWO® HotBox and circulation pump

Hose set (water)

2 x 10 m and 1 x 2 m water hoses with GEKA couplings

BRAWO® HotBox hose set