The BRAWO® Circulation pumps

The new HighPerformance 1200 and the Basic 840

During the hot cure process, the BRAWO® HotBox/HotBox L is connected to the inversion drum and warm water is then passed into the liner. Once the curing water is at the correct temperature a special pump, designed for use with hot water, is used to re-circulate the water through the liner and the circulation pump.

Advantages of the BRAWO® circulation pumps

  • Increased safety during liner installation, thanks to faster and more-uniform distribution of heat
  • High efficiency thanks to short curing time
  • More reliable installation
Circulating pump ZPE 1500 and ZPE 800
Techn. Data of the circulation pumps
ZPE 1500 ZPE 800
Weight 18,3 kg 11,6 kg
Dimensions (L x B x H) 195 x 541 x 226 mm 208 x 419 x 216 mm
Voltage 230 V or 110V 230 V or 110V
Rated output at 50 Hz 1,5 kW 0,88 kW
Flow rate when used with BRAWO® HotBox ca. 20 l/min 14 l/min
Flow rate when used with BRAWO® HotBox L 48 l/min -/-

Hose set (water)

2 x 10 m and 1 x 2 m water hoses with GEKA couplings

Hose set (water)
GEKA couplings