BRAWO® SteamBox L

Steam curing for Liner and connection collars

Until now, the rehabilitation of down pipes or pipes with high gradient was possible only in cold curing. BRAWOLINER® offers a mobile solution for accelerating the curing process.

The BRAWO® SteamBox L was developed specifically for in-house rehabilitation. The two electric heaters, each with 1500 W power and the 9 litre boiler, which can be refilled during operation ensures fast and continuous steam generation. In this manner, a large amount of steam can be produced for a longer period. Due to the excellent heat conductivity of the steam, curing of the resin is initiated very quickly. Thanks to the integrated pressure and vacuum control, the BRAWO® SteamBox L is ideal for the installation of connection collars.

BRAWO® SteamBox

Advantages BRAWO® SteamBox L

  • Compact and 22 kg light weight construction equipment
  • Ideal for the rehabilitation of down pipes and pipe unions
  • Continuous steam
  • 9 litre boiler – refillable during operation
  • Two heaters with 1500 watt for quick heating
  • 230 V, no high voltage required
  • Integrated pressure and vacuum control