BRAWO® SteamUnit

Full steam rehabilitation!

In sewer rehabilitation steam curing has also established itself alongside curing of the resinsoaked liners with warm water. In particular during the rehabilitation of downpipes, where curing with water is only possible with short pipe sections with approx. 4 metres height difference, steam curing has clear advantages.

With the BRAWO® SteamUnit we offers a comparably compact but efficient steam generator. With a heat output of 56 KW the diesel-fired device produces a steam quantity of 50 kg per hour. Thus the curing of longer piping sections in buildings or buried pipes is possible. Thanks to the compact dimensions the steam generator can be accommodated in the BRAWO®Trailer and can if required be positioned directly on site.

Advantages of the BRAWO® SteamUnit

  • Mobile steam generator
  • Intuitive controls
  • Ready for use in 15 minutes
  • Steam temperatures of up to 159 °C possible

BRAWO® SteamGenerator

  • Mobile, diesel-operated steam generator
  • Reinforced chassis for building site deployment
  • High steam output of approx. 50 kg/hour
  • Rapid curing (only 80 min. heating time in combination with BRAWO® HT)



BRAWO® SteamGenerator

BRAWO® Softening system

  • Softening system delivers a permanent high quality of the water supply and protects the boiler against scale/incrustation
  • Incl. reversible flow filter and protection frame, as well as 20 kg salt tablets

BRAWO® Control

  • Manual control unit for regulation of curing pressure and curing temperature
BRAWO® Control
Technical data BRAWO® SteamGenerator
Steam capacity 50 kg/h
Steam power 29000 W
Steam pressure 5 bar
Steam temperatures max. 159 °C
Dimension L 1070 x B 530 x H 1250 mm
Weight ca. 180 kg
Thermal output 56 kW