BRAWO® Impregnation plant manuel

The mobile and low-cost solution

The manual impregnation device is a low-cost solution not only an 'entry-level solution'. Turning the hand crank a conveyor belt moves the liner through the impregnation rollers.

These are positioned at the pre-defined roller distances using a gauge. Even though the manual version is not as easy to operate as its electric equivalent, it still has its advantages. Due to it’s low-weight, the fold-away manual impregnation table can be easily transported and where required can be set-up right next to the work area either in a house, commercial building or industrial plant.

    Manual impregnation plant
    Technical data manual
    Belt length 2050 mm
    Belt width 380 mm - designed for Liner max. DN 225, 480 mm - designed for Liner max. DN 300
    Working height approx. 860 mm, table gradient approx. 6°
    Weight 50 kg

    The Advantages

    • Mobile impregnation system with foldable legs
    • Economical transport and easy to store
    • Manually driven by crank handle
    • Adjustable roller distance