Inspection cameras

Camera system for TV inspection

A popular model is the camera "GEJOS". The compact unit consists of a control unit with a keypad and a 7” LCD colour monitor with glare protection. Thanks to its rounded waterproof stainless steel camera head, it can inspect even DN 70 pipes with bends of up to 90°. The integrated LED light with fully adjustable dimming function provides excellent lighting in the pipe and produces extremely clear pictures. With the ‘Upright Camera' function, these pictures are always displayed the correct way up on the screen, even if the cable rotates in the pipe. The camera can also be equipped with a metre counter and offers the client an (optional) data recording function. Data can be saved on a USB stick or on an optional HD recorder.

Flexible push-in camera system

BRAWOLINER® offers an extremely flexible pushin camera system with exchangeable camera heads. This consists of:

  • A reel holding 70 m, 9 mm push-in cable
  • A control case with a 10" daylight-suitable screen and integrated channel acquisition software and
  • The flexible camera heads PIC 5.5 (axial) and 6.0 (swivel head)
  • Interface - USB stick
  • Data storage - Integrated hard drive 4 GB, 32 GB or direct to USB stick
  • Flexible push-in camera system

We also offer individual equipment configuration and other camera systems.

Fexible push-in camera system