BRAWO® Inversion drums

High-quality workmanship and clever design enable an optimal result

The BRAWO® Inversion drum has been specially designed to install the liner using air pressure. The high quality inversion drum is made of stainless steel and has many useful features.

The special construction of the drum axle enables hot water curing of the inverted liner whilst maintaining the liner profile to dramatically reduce the curing time of the BRAWO® Epoxy resin.

The optional camera insertion valve also allows the inspection of the inverted liner –under pressure- before and throughout the curing process. To optimize the working time, all exchangeable inversion parts are equipped with Storz – fast release couplings.
The inversion bends, from the nominal diameter DN 50 up to DN 250, and the extension tubes are all supplied as part of the basic equipment.

Inversion drums
Mini DN 350 and 500

Compact and easy to transport

BRAWO® Drum Micro Dn 350 and DN 500

Inversion drum
Mini DN 600

Great capacity with the lowest weight

BRAWO® Drum Mini DN 600

Inversion drum
DN 700 UL

The lightest on the market

BRAWO® Drum DN 700 UL

Inversion drums
DN 800 and 800 XL

For long renovation sections

BRAWO® Drums DN 800 und 800 XL