BRAWO® Drum DN 700 UL

The lightest 700 mm stainless steel drum on the market!

Weighting appr. 50 kg, the BRAWO® Inversion Drum DN 700 UL can be easily transported and also offers the unmatched benefits of a robust stainless steel drum.

Lightweight and durable

The weight reduction of the BRAWO® Inversion Drum DN 700 UL has been achieved without any functional reductions. Also our latest lightweight and durable inversion drum is built to the same high quality standard that is expected from BRAWOLINER®.

Inversion Drum DN 700 UL
Solid base construction

Solid base construction with pneumatic tires

  • For safe and simple transport
Large hand wheel

Large hand wheel

  • For regulating the inversion speed
Inversion Drum DN 700 UL

Lightweight and durable

  • easily transported
  • robust stainless steel drum
Water connection

Drum axle with water connection

  • Easy filling of the liner with water without the need to open the drum
  • Output on the underside for water circulation
Pressure control

Pressure control on the rear of the drum

  • Enables precise regulation of the inversion and holding pressures
Adjusted in height

Inversion angle can be swivelled or adjusted in height

Technical data and capacity of the BRAWO® Drum DN 700 UL
Name (Dimension) Volume Weight DN 50 DN 70 DN 100 DN 125 DN 150 DN 200
DN 700 UL (L=110 x W=70 x H=105) 109,45 L appr. 50 kg 200 m 120 m 72 m 57 m 48 m 35 m
with water hose, 3/4" 95 m 95 m 56 m 44 m 37 m 27 m
with water hose and calibration hose - 54 m 36 m 29 m 25 m 17 m

1 liter = 0.26 gallon       1 kilo = 2.20 pound       1 m = 3.2 feed       1 cm = 0.39 inch