Vehicle equipment and units

Climatic controlled cabinet

  • We can offer a climatic controlled cabinet with 352 litre storage capacity for the climatised storage of resin
  • The unit is equipped with heating elements/ fans/thermostat and cools/heats the resin to the required temperature
Climatic controlled cabinet

BRAWO® Compressors

  • Petrol powered stationare unit
  • Tank capacity: 20 l petrol
  • Wheels (for manual unloading & moving into trailer)
  • Effective air supply: 1,2 m3/min (can also be used for operating cutting/milling robots)
  • Air cooled
  • Compressors available in other power classes (eg M15/M17) on request

Carrying frame with compressed air recooler

M 13, M 15 and M 17 can also be operated with an external compressed air recooler (cool and condensate-free compressed air for use in combination with milling robots). We offer a carrying frame for these models with permanently attached connection lines for compressed air and power supply for the ventilator and condensate recovery.

Compressed air recooler

Air-conditioning system

The roof air-conditioning system for cooling/heating the renovation vehicle ensures optimal working conditions for rapid and safe impregnation of the liner.

  • Cooling capacity: 3200 watts/10900 Btu/h
  • Heating capacity: 1600 watts
  • Consumption (cooling/heating): 1350/1600 watts
  • Three fan stages with comfortably quiet operation
  • System control via control panel
  • Incl. installation of interrupter contacts in the door to switch off the AC system

Exhaust fan/ventilator

  • If an air-conditioning system is installed, the use of an exhaust fan is recommended to channel away any resulting resin gases
Air-conditioning system
Exhaust ventilator

Power generator EU30i

A power generator makes you independent of any external power supplies. Also on weekends or in populated areas applicable.

  • Continuous output 2.8kVA / 230 V (overload) 12.2 A
  • Nominal power/speed 3.28 kW at 3,500 rpm
  • Tank capacity 13.3 l (fuel gauge)
  • Operating duration under full load 7.1 h (20 h in economic mode)
  • Sound power level LWA = 90 dB(A)
  • sound pressure at 7 m = 56 dB(A)
    Power generator EU30is

    Trailer printing on side walls and flap

    • Individual layout
    • PVC high-performance foil, 4 colours
    Individual trailer printing