BRAWO® Satellite bladder

Fast, easy and affordable renovation of pipe unions!

The renovation of faulty pipe unions poses a huge challenge. BRAWOLINER® supplies a tightly fitting solution for DN 100 to DN 150 main pipes and DN 70 to DN 150 feeders.

The new satellite packing pieces and flexible collars allow fast, easy, affordable and reliable renovation of even complex fall pipes.

Satellite bladder

Satellite bladder

Tight-fitting special packing piece

Satellite packing pieces
  • Tight-fitting special packing piece with a 35 cm long (approx.), inflatable satellite bladder
  • Flexible push rods for easy introduction and positioning
  • Collar connection shaft pressed in for protection
  • Renovation with epoxy resin
  • Cold or hot curing by steam
  • Short steam curing time using the BRAWO® SteamBox L
  • Good value for money

Clamping tool

For secure attachment

Clamping tool

The rehabilitation of pipe junctions

During renovation, a connection collar impregnated with BRAWO® RR is pulled onto the special packer and the rim is folded into the packing piece. The packing piece can be easily fed into the pipe with the flexible push rods and positioned precisely in the inlet. Adding air inflates the packing piece and folds the rim into the inlet. The BRAWO® SteamBox L is recommended for steam curing.

Satellite packing pieces