BRAWO® DocuBox 3.0

The easy way to master installation, documentation and seal testing!

More and more customers are requesting electronic documentation of liner installation and seal testing. The new BRAWOLINER® DocuBox 3.0 provides the ideal solution for this.

The easy way to master installation, documentation and seal testing! This versatile, intuitively operated unit records all data necessary for liner renovation. This allows potential fault sources to be identified and avoided during the actual installation.

All project, facility and positional data can be conveniently entered by your cellphone. DocuBox 3.0 also provides installation documentation in accordance with quality seal S 29.02.
The unit also enables a seal test to be carried out after installation. The extremely manoeuvrable seal test set (available as an optional extra) is capable of testing narrowbore pipes and bends up to 90°. The DocuBox menu guides the user through the testing process and produces a test report as a PDF file.

BRAWO® DocuBox 3.0

Easy to use

  • Intuitive operation Graphic display of the measured data
  • Clearly structured project management
  • Test reports as PDF files

German engineered quality

    • Rugged, lightweight site unit
    • Ultra-precision data recording
    • All parts CE approved

    Comprehensive data recording

    • Installation and curing pressure
    • Renovation time sequence
    • Curing temperature (flow and return)
    • 2 x temperature between liner and pipe wall

    Seal test

    • Test pressure
    • Testing time (filling, settling, testing time)
    • Pressure loss