BRAWO® LumCure

The new light curing technology offered by BRAWOLINER®

In addition to the curing process by means of water, steam and the ambient temperature, we are introducing new capabilities with the process of light curing - for even more efficiency!

The product BRAWO® LumCure consists of:

  • Light chain Luminave 3 x 200 for an operational area from DN 100 to DN 200
  • 30 m cable with camera
  • UV control case with data logging and video recorder
  • Adjustable train unit
  • BRAWO® Connector for BRAWO® inversion drums
  • BRAWO® LR: resin system for curing with UV lights and UV LED

Your advantages:

  • High standard flexibility suitable for all liners: BRAWOLINER®, BRAWOLINER® 3D, BRAWOLINER® XT, BRAWOLINER® HT
  • Applicable to all systems present on the market!