BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® Exhibition Highlights: Meet us at RO-KA-TECH 2019

From 8th to 10th May 2019 we show our new products and developments at RO-KA-TECH 2019. Meet us at booth #A02as well as our live-demonstrationen on outdoor area 2/15.

New Light Curing Technology: BRAWOLINER® distributes UVRelining System

BRAWOLINER® and Peanta Inventions AB have agreed upon a close collaboration for the distribution of the market leading LED light curing system UVRelining: As of now, BRAWOLINER® is the first service point in Germany to distribute the light curing system and take care of all repairs and maintenances.  

Special Features

  • Control and pulling unit, as well as very small, efficient LED light head
  • Enables the head to pass through 90 degree bends
  • Triangular LED panel guarantees a fully cured liner
  • Half-automatized curing process
  • All liners of BRAWOLINER® and BRAWO® LR resin can be used
BRAWOLINER® distributes UVRelining System
BRAWOLINER® distributes UVRelining System
Even complicated pipe runs with several 90° bends can be rehabilitated with UVRelining without any problems
Even complicated pipe runs with several 90° bends can be rehabilitated with UVRelining without any problems

Additional to the presentation of the UVRelining system the partners will show a new DN0 head for small diameters from DN 70 to DN 100 and a 900W head for DN 150 up to DN 300. Both heads will fit on the same UVRelining system so clients are able to cure BRAWOLINER® in a diameter range from DN 70 to DN 300 with light curing technology.

Meet us at outdoor area 2/15 - here we will show in live-demonstrations the fast light curing with the UVRelining system.

BRAWOLINER® - One Liner for all Curing Methods

BRAWOLINER® guarantees maximum flexibility for customers on construction sites for building and property drainage, which are often difficult to plan.

One Liner for all curing methods:

Whether light, water, steam or ambient temperature - the entire BRAWOLINER® portfolio can be used for all curing methods, so that customers do not have to keep different liners available.

  •  Extremely flexible
  • Able to cope with multiple bends of up to 90°
  • Special loop structure permits great lengthwise and crosswise elasticity
  • Can handle with various changes in pipe dimension
  • Guarantees homogeneous application of resin and even layer thickness

Tailor made Rehabilitation Equipment and Vehicles

The BRAWO® Tech division comprises high-tech products and tools for the installation of the BRAWOLINER®. In addition, high-quality vehicle upgrades are offered, so that over 100 rehabilitation vehicles to customers all over the world have been delivered. BRAWO Tech Equipment is tailor-made with the experience of 20 years in the market field of rehabilitation of building and property drainage. BRAWO® Tech thus responds to the individual needs and requirements of its customers with an extraordinary level of quality.


Spray-Liner® - Clean and fast in-house rehabilitation with the technology leader

Spray-Liner Spraying System

The Spray-Liner® machine with improved technology has the DIBt certification for in-house rehabilitation in the DN 40 – DN 150 nominal width range. Among other things, the optimized machine features new software with clearer function displays, an automated flow control, an optical and acoustic display of the machine status as well as a portable tank system to reduce weight. An especially developed epoxy resin is applied onto the interior of the pipe wall, thus old pipes will be sealed long-lasting.