Kaiserslautern, 19 March 2018. The system provider BRAWOLINER® will be presenting its new light curing technology, BRAWO® LumCure, as part of the 16th German Hose Liner Conference in Kassel. This will be available after its introduction at the IFAT trade show in Munich in mid May. BRAWO® LumCure extends the portfolio of the system provider BRAWOLINER® and ensures maximum flexibility for BRAWO® installation partners.

BRAWOLINER® presents its new light curing technology, BRAWO® LumCure.
BRAWOLINER® presents its new light curing technology, BRAWO® LumCure.

The system provider BRAWOLINER® will present its brand new light curing technology, BRAWO® LumCure, for the first time at the 16th German Hose Liner Conference in Kassel at the end of April. The BRAWOLINER® experts have been developing the technology for several years and are now proud to be able to present the new system.

The facility consists of a control and a retraction unit as well as a reel with a 30-metre rod and two light chains. The established liner is also an important element when it comes to the curing method using light. It is characterised by its usual high flexibility and ability to bend. Over and above this, a single-component, light curing resin system and a control unit are required, to which the light source is connected via a cable.

BRAWO® LumCure can be used in the diameter range between DN 100 and DN 200 with section lengths up to 30 metres. Currently, approx. 0.6 m of liner per minute can be cured with a diameter of DN 150. With a power connection of 230 volts, the system does not need high-voltage current to be operated.

BRAWO® LR is the new single-component, styrene-free special resin for UV light curing. This special resin can be cured with both UV light emitting diodes (UV LED) and UV gas discharge lamps.

The aim of BRAWOLINER® is to guarantee maximum flexibility for customers on construction sites for building and property drainage, which are often difficult to plan. With BRAWO® LumCure, the system provider now has another module in its portfolio alongside the established curing methods using ambient temperature, steam and water. Customers and users will thus have a much wider range of options at their disposal, which can be used to tackle every application scenario on an individual basis. The whole BRAWOLINER® portfolio of liners can be used. Customers therefore do not have to keep different liners in stock. Only the light-curing resin, BRAWO® LR, is needed in addition.

Find out more about BRAWO® LumCure at the German Hose Liner Conference on 24 April in Kassel. Here the BRAWOLINER® experts will present the new technology to you during a live demonstration and be on hand to answer all your questions.

BRAWOLINER®, the specialist for rehabilitating building, property and industrial drainage networks, offers its customers the best service from a single source. As a system provider, together with Spray-Liner® and alongside consumables and the matching epoxy resin, it also offers the equipment required for installation through to a consultancy and training service.


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