CJ Kelly retroactively becomes BRAWO® SYSTEMS Exclusive-Partner in Great Britain, Gibraltar, Channel Islands and Ireland from June, 1st 2019


The long-standing business partner CJ Kelly from Peterborough, Great Britain, retroactively becomes a new BRAWO® SYSTEMS Exclusive-Partner from June, 1st 2019. Through the new partnership, customers and interested parties in Great Britain, Gibraltar, Channel Islands and Ireland will have a direct and experienced local contact and will be able to purchase BRAWOLINER® products even faster.

For more than 20 years, CJ Kelly has been a close business partner of BRAWO® Systems and was previously working as a consultant for the German system supplier. From the beginning of June, as part of a reorganization and reorientation of the business model, this British company becomes an official Exclusive-Partner and thus distributer of BRAWOLINER® products. At their business premises in Peterborough, is a modern warehouse with enough space for materials and equipment storage as well as a big show room. Customer training and product training can be held on site in the UK.

„CJ Kelly is a long-standing and extremely reliable partner of BRAWO® SYSTEMS. We are very happy to have a strong trading partner in Great Britain, Gibraltar, Channel Islands and Ireland “, says Hakim Dehimi, International Sales Director BRAWO® SYSTEMS. „Thanks to the new partnership, our customers and interested parties in the Great Britain, Gibraltar, Channel Islands and Ireland have a direct contact person at their doorstep who can help them directly with questions and orders.“ John Kelly, CEO CJ Kelly, is enthusiastic about the new partnership, too: „We are very pleased to be able to offer BRAWOLINER® products directly to our customers as well, thus significantly shortening delivery routes and times.“ CJ Kelly Associates will also take over all invoicing both in Sterling and Euros to all our customers , saving costly currency and  exchange fees.

CJ Kelly becomes BRAWO SYSTEMS Exklusive-Partner
CJ Kelly becomes BRAWO® SYSTEMS Exklusive-Partner

BRAWO® Systems offers a complete and high quality range for the rehabilitation of defective pipes for both building and site drainage. The aim of BRAWO® Systems is to guarantee its customers maximum flexibility on building and site drainage construction sites that are often difficult to plan. BRAWOLINER®, one of the four brands of BRAWO® Systems, is suitable for all four curing methods: No matter if light, water, steam or ambient temperature - no different liners have to be stored. It is extremely flexible and has a high lengthwise and transversal elasticity due to a special loop construction. Several bends up to 90° and several dimensional changes can be easily rehabilitated with BRAWOLINER®.

The BRAWO® Tech division comprises high-tech products and tools for the installation of the BRAWOLINERs. Furthermore, high-quality modifications of vehicles are offered.

The BRAWO® Academy rounds off the portfolio: In a comprehensive training and further education programme, various seminars and workshops are offered covering all topics relating to rehabilitation practice, planning, economic evaluation, standards and regulations.

The Spray-Liner® process simplifies the rehabilitation of damaged drainage pipes in buildings. The core is a patented spraying process with which only a special epoxy resin is sprayed from the inside onto defective pipes. With the Spray-Liner® process - as with the BRAWOLINER® process - no walls or floors have to be broken in order to repair damaged pipes.