Concentrated Knowledge in the Inhouse-Rehabilitation - BRAWO® Academy & Picote Inhouse Institute are cooperating in the German Market

Kaiserslautern, 12th February 2019. The system supplier BRAWOLINER® and the Finnish company Picote Solutions expand their cooperation: BRAWOLINER® with its BRAWO® Academy and the Picote Inhouse Institute will offer different seminars and user trainings in the inhouse-rehabilitation sector in Kaiserslautern. A joint support of the project planning and realization round off the portfolio. 

The BRAWO® Academy provides a comprehensive programme of training and development surrounding the building drainage network. The contents of the courses include rehabilitation practice, planning, feasibility studies, standards and regulations. Picote, based in Porvoo in Finland has already been rehabilitating waste water pipes inside buildings for more than 10 years. Currently, more than 50 employees in four to six columns work daily on the rehabilitation of drainage systems both in large residential and apartment buildings as well as in single and small apartment buildings. The BRAWOLINER® hose liner process is almost exclusively used.

Jaap Sanders, Head of technical advice and BRAWO® Academy, is excited about the close cooperation with the Finnish colleagues: „Together, we will pass our extensive experience in the field of inhouse-rehabilitation to our customers in trainings and seminars. We will share some tips and tricks and help them to avoid errors in the future. With Picote, we have a strong partner at our side. Our customers can now directly benefit from Picote’s long-standing know-how in the field of inhouse-rehabilitation.“

Jaap Sanders, Head of BRAWO® Academy
Jaap Sanders, Head of BRAWO® Academy
Picote and BRAWO Academy are cooperating in the german market
Richard Swan (Picote) and Jaap Sanders (BRAWOLINER®) are excited about the cooperation

The first user training should already take place in Kaiserslautern in summer 2019. The trainings focus especially on the planning, organization and execution of the rehabilitation project. All stages of the project will be viewed sequentially: From the pre-works, like cleaning and milling, to the installation of BRAWOLINER® or the application of the Spray-Liner® method and the reworking. Additional user trainings in 2020 are already in planning.


In the future, the customers can not only rely on the theoretical knowledge of BRAWOLINER® and Picote: Furthermore, both companies offer project support and assistance on site. Both are looking forward to many exciting and successful projects in Germany.  

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