Individual Vehicle Fitting with BRAWO® Tech and BRAWOLINER®: Wittmann Entsorgungswirtschaft GmbH relies on renovation trailer from the system supplier

Kaiserslautern, 19th October 2018. The expert for rehabilitation works Wittmann Entsorgungswirtschaft GmbH relies on an individually constructed and equipped renovation trailer from the system supplier BRAWOLINER®. The new trailer allows a flexible and mobile usage on different working sites to the munich enterprise.

Basis of the renovation trailer which is individually and exactly adjusted to the customer’s specification is a tandem trailer with a  box body. With the new 3,5 tonners, Wittmann Entsorgungswirtschaft GmbH is now able to carry out a fast, efficient and high-quality rehabilitation on the different worksites. Elementary component of the constructed trailer is the installed and adjusted impregnation plant as well as the integrated vacuum pump. A climatic controlled cabinet with heating and cooling function allows the resin tempering on site. The additionally integrated table for the impregnation of short liners offers additional working comfort. It can be folded up or down as needed and is placed above the roller conveyor. Completely equipped, the customer can add about 1.000 kg to the vehicle.

For a beautiful appearance and an even better slip protection, the vehicle floor was covered with an aluminium checker plate and rubber mats. Furthermore, the BRAWOLINER® experts integrated an air-condition so that a comfortable work is possible without any problems.

When planning and constructing the 3,5 tonners, it was important to provide as much storage and working space as possible:  Below the adjusted workbench, several drawers and storage compartments offer much storage room. In addition a storage shelf with several boxes was adjusted on the right and the left wall of the trailer. The occupational safety on the work sites is increased by two LED-spotlights which illuminate the outdoor area.

The BRAWOLINER® rehabilitation systems enable the rehabilitation of sewers and pipes in the nominal width range DN50 to DN300 with a length of up to 350 m. Here, rehabilitation can either be carried out from the vehicle or even in the case of confined space conditions, in a mobile, flexible way on site. The plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for automated resin mixtures and impregnation of the BRAWOLINER® and, if required, to document the rehabilitation.

BRAWOLINER®, the specialist for rehabilitating building, property and industrial drainage networks, has been making its own rehabilitation equipment for over 15 years and in the meantime has delivered over 100 rehabilitation vehicles to customers all over the world. In the BRAWO® Tech business division the vehicle construction is not limited to one manufacturer or one model, but can be done with vans of all kinds and manufacturers. Thus, the individual needs and requirements of the customer can be addressed in each case.  


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