KS Abwassertechnik GmbH relies on BRAWOLINER® for light curing

The Bavarian company KS Abwassertechnik GmbH from Fahrenzhausen relies on the innovative curing technology of the system provider BRAWO® SYSTEMS for light curing now as well. The company is extending its existing curing methods by light and will be able to respond even more flexible to a wide variety of on-site application scenarios in the future and enable faster curing.

KS Abwassertechnik GmbH, based in Fahrenzhausen, is a young and innovative company with a large team of competent and experienced employees. The combination of innovative technology with many years of experience makes KS Abwassertechnik an expert in all aspects of sewer pipes. The service portfolio includes pipe and sewer cleaning as well as sewer inspection, waste management and sewer rehabilitation by using liner, part liner or full fill rehabilitation methods. A particular focus is on the future market of in-house rehabilitation. KS Abwassertechnik has been using the BRAWOLINER® process for a long time, with particular focus on water curing. With the investment in the new UVRelining system, the rehabilitation company has extended its portfolio and is now focusing on fast and trouble-free curing with light using BRAWOLINER®.

BRAWOLINER® offers its customers and users the four different curing methods - water, steam, ambient temperature and light - the maximum range of possibilities, so that each individual application scenario can be handled. The BRAWOLINER® can be used for any curing method, there is no need to keep different liners available. With the innovative light curing systems, the system provider has a further module in its product portfolio in addition to the established epoxy resin systems and the curing processes with ambient temperature, steam and water. This curing method is particularly suitable for those construction sites where there is a big time pressure and above-average curing speed is required.

Mohamed Ali, Managing Director of KS Abwassertechnik: "We are pleased that with the UVRelining system we are now even more widely positioned. We were also able to expand our portfolio. Our customers benefit from the fact that we can now react even more flexible to the different requirements on the construction site and offer an even better and faster service with the four different curing processes". Ronny Frischmuth, Sales Manager South Germany BRAWO® SYSTEMS, is delighted about the cooperation: "We are proud to have won our long-time customer KS Abwassertechnik as a user of our light curing technology. We are looking forward to many more projects together".

BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers a complete and high-quality range for the rehabilitation of defective pipes for both building and property drainage. The aim of BRAWO® SYSTEMS is to guarantee its customers a maximum of flexibility on construction sites for building and site drainage, which are often difficult to plan.

BRAWOLINER the most flexible textile liner, is suitable for all four curing methods: No matter if light, water, steam or ambient temperature - no different liners have to be stored. It is extremely flexible and has a high lengthwise and transversal elasticity due to a special loop construction. Several bends up to 90° and several dimensional changes can be easily rehabilitated with BRAWOLINER®.

The BRAWO® Tech division comprises high-tech products and tools for the installation of the BRAWOLINERs. Furthermore, high-quality modifications of vehicles are offered.

The BRAWO® Academy rounds off the portfolio: In a comprehensive training and further education programs, various seminars and workshops are offered covering all topics relating to rehabilitation practice, planning, economic evaluation, standards and regulations.

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