Long-time user INSPOL presents simple and cost-effective rehabilitation with BRAWOLINER® at the "Trenchless Engineering" specialist conference in Poland

The long-time BRAWOLINER® user INSPOL from Poznan, Poland, participated as silver sponsor in the largest specialist conference for trenchless rehabilitation in Eastern Europe "Trenchless Engineering" from June 11 to 14 and presented the BRAWOLINER® technique on site.

With over 40 exhibitors, "Trenchless Engineering" is the largest specialist conference for trenchless sewer rehabilitation in Eastern Europe. This year too it was very well attended and generated great interest among the large number of visitors with the trade exhibition and particularly with the many live demonstrations on site. 

As a silver sponsor of the event, INSPOL demonstrated the fast, simple and cost-effective rehabilitation with the BRAWOLINER® technique both at its own stand and in various live demonstrations.

"We have been relying on BRAWOLINER® for many years and are particularly pleased to be able to reach a wide audience at Trenchless Engineering and present the rehabilitation process live," summarizes Szymon Hellmann, Managing Director of INSPOL. 

Hakim Dehimi, Head of International Sales BRAWO® SYSTEMS, is also enthusiastic about the trade fair performance of his Polish colleagues: "INSPOL has gained extensive knowledge through the many years of BRAWOLINER® application and with the BRAWOLINER® can rehabilitate even complicated pipe runs quickly and easily. Other users and interested parties can thus profit directly from the wealth of experience".

BRAWOLINER®, one of the four brands of BRAWO® SYSTEMS, is suitable for all four curing methods: No matter if light, water, steam or ambient temperature - no separate liners must be stored. It is extremely flexible and has a high longitudinal and transverse elongation capability due to a special loop construction. Several bends up to 90° and several dimensional changes can be easily rehabilitated with BRAWOLINER®.

BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers a complete and high-quality range for the rehabilitation of defective pipes for both building and property drainage. The aim of BRAWO® SYSTEMS is to guarantee its customers a maximum of flexibility on construction sites for building and site drainage, which are often difficult to plan.

The BRAWO® Tech division comprises high-tech products and tools for the installation of the BRAWOLINER®. In addition, high-quality vehicle upgrades are offered.

The BRAWO® Academy rounds off the portfolio: In a comprehensive training and further education programme, various seminars and workshops are offered covering all topics relating to rehabilitation practice, planning, economic evaluation, standards and regulations.