Pader Kanaltechnik - Rohr Frei (PKT) rehabilitates more than 1,700 m of old pipes with BRAWOLINER® in the Bielefeld-Brackwede JVA

Pader Kanaltechnik - Rohr Frei (PKT) was the first installation partner and user of BRAWOLINER® and has been working together with BRAWO® Systems for over 20 years. The expert for inspection and rehabilitation work from Paderborn is currently carrying out an extensive rehabilitation project at the Bielefeld-Brackwede prison JVA in which over 1,700 metres of old pipe will be rehabilitated. The BRAWOLINER® method can be used to rehabilitate complicated pipe runs, often with two 90° bends, quickly and easily.

PKT - Rohr Frei from Paderborn carries out inspection and rehabilitation work with the aid of market-leading application technology. The two companies PKT - Rohr Frei and BRAWO® Systems have been in a partnership for over more than 20 years now. As part of a large-scale rehabilitation project at the Bielefeld-Brackwede correctional facility, PKT - Rohr Frei has been rehabilitating over 250 old pipes with diameters of DN 100 - 200 and DN 300 - 400 since autumn 2017. The successful completion of the project is scheduled for summer 2019.

Step by step, about 100 downpipes were rehabilitated in the cellar corridors of the correctional facility. First, the individual strings of the cells had to be disconnected and diverted. Then the epoxy resin impregnated liner was inverted and cured with hot water. This was hampered by the low cellar height of approx. 1.30 metres and a complicated pipe run with often several 90° bends. Four PKT employees were involved in the project - two each in the cellar and on the rest of the correctional facility grounds. After the rehabilitation, the success of the rehabilitation was checked and documented by means of camera inspection.

Rehabilitation with BRAWOLINER and PKT - Rohr Frei at low cellar height
Rehabilitation with BRAWOLINER and PKT - Rohr Frei at low cellar height

One of the particular challenges of the rehabilitation among others was the strict conditions imposed by the correctional facility. For example, all doors and windows always had to be locked , making it impossible to lay the power, air and water pipes from the outside to the inside. PKT - Rohr Frei therefore removed all the equipment from its own rehabilitation vehicle and transported it to the basement. The required water was drawn from the nearby kitchen and then the temperature was regulated by a mixing unit. An electric compressor was rented to enable the operation of the robot systems. In some areas it was possible to access a stationary compressor with air curing.

“We are thrilled about the fast and clean rehabilitation of the company PKT - Rohr Frei with the BRAWOLINER® system", summarizes Katja Joost, Head of Construction Administration at the Bielefeld-Brackwede JVA. "The cooperation between the crews on site and the responsible supervisory personnel is excellent, so that the work does not interfere with our daily operations in any way and can be completed on schedule. Gerhard Michel, Managing Director of PKT - Rohr Frei, is also pleased with the successful progress of the project: " As on many previous construction sites, the BRAWOLINER® system has proven itself absolutely reliable. The pipes to be rehabilitated usually have two 90° bends. Without BRAWOLINER® we would not have had a chance here. Further construction sites and applications with the BRAWOLINER® system and the special technical possibilities are already being planned".

BRAWO® Systems offers a complete and high-quality range for the rehabilitation of defective pipes for both building and property drainage. The aim of BRAWO® Systems is to guarantee its customers a maximum of flexibility on construction sites for building and site drainage, which are often difficult to plan. BRAWOLINER®, one of the four brands of BRAWO® Systems, is suitable for all four curing methods: No matter if light, water, steam or ambient temperature - no separate liners must be stored. It is extremely flexible and has a high longitudinal and transverse elongation capability due to a special loop construction. Several bends up to 90° and several dimensional changes can be easily rehabilitated with BRAWOLINER®.

PKT - Rohr Frei was the first to use the new BRAWOLINER® light curing technology BRAWO® LumCure and, in addition to curing with water and steam, also relies on light curing to be able to act as flexibly as possible to the various requirements on construction sites.