BRAWO® SYSTEMS partner SACPRO with numerous customers as guests in Kaiserslautern

Kaiserslautern, 3. December 2019. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation within buildings has been standard in Scandinavian countries for many years. Sweden is considered to be one of the pioneers of this fast and cost-effective rehabilitation process. At the beginning of October the BRAWO® SYSTEMS partner SACPRO and its customers were visiting Kaiserslautern and informed themselves about the production, the application and the possibilities of the BRAWOLINER®.

SACPRO is a BRAWO® SYSTEMS partner since many years and has been the system provider's first Authorized Support Center (ASC). The company has more than 30 years of experience in sewer rehabilitation and is the leading supplier of tools and materials for trenchless pipe rehabilitation in Sweden. ASC-Partner fulfil certain criteria which among others include the rehabilitation of in-house pipes and property drainage installations, a training centre with the BRAWO® Academy Standards, an on-site warehouse, the product marketing and a repair service.

For many years, SACPRO has relied on the proven BRAWOLINER® product portfolio and supplies it to numerous customers in Scandinavia. The Swedish company has organized an event for its top customers at the system provider's premises. A total of over 65 experts and long-standing BRAWOLINER® users from the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian sewer rehabilitation industries travelled to the event.

After visiting the KOB headquarters in Wolfstein, where the BRAWOLINER® is produced, the program continued in the afternoon at the BRAWO® SYSTEMS site in Kaiserslautern: In addition to detailed insights into the product portfolio and the possible applications of the BRAWOLINER®, the Scandinavian guests were able to see the installation of the liner using steam and light in two live demonstrations.

BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers a complete and high-quality range for the rehabilitation of defective pipes for both building and site drainage. The aim of BRAWO® SYSTEMS is to guarantee its customers maximum flexibility on building and site drainage construction sites that are often difficult to plan.

With the BRAWO® Academy, BRAWO® Systems offers a comprehensive training and further education programs on all aspects of the building drainage network. Gaps in knowledge are closed here and existing know-how is developed. The contents of the courses include rehabilitation practice, planning, feasibility studies, standards and regulations.

Live-Demo downpipe rehabilitation
Live-Demo downpipe rehabilitation

"We are delighted that the Scandinavian customers and colleagues have shown such a great interest in our rehabilitation system and due to the direct exchange of information, we were able to take a lot of information with us for our further work", summarizes Gunter Kaltenhäuser, Business Unit Manager BRAWO® SYSTEMS. "It is great that we have such a close, international partnership with SACPRO, which provides us a lot of insight into the business outside of the German market. We look forward to exciting projects in the future and a good cooperation with our Swedish colleagues".

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