Simply quicker

BRAWO® RR is the extra quick-hardening 2K- epoxy resin of BRAWOLINER®. By a bundle size of 1.5 kg and a hot curing time of just 75 minutes it allows an economic renovation with hat profiles, connection cuffs and short liners. Of course BRAWO® RR is also suited for ambient curing beginning from 5°C.

Like the proven BRAWO® resins BRAWO® RR can be used on humid and dry as well as on mineral (e.g., to sewage pipes) or metallic subsoil. The high chemical resistance and excellent product features guarantee a permanently good rehabilitation result.

Ideally for the BRAWOLINER® renovation of drainpipe connections.

Epoxy resin Brawo® RR
Processing and curing BRAWO® RR
Processing time 20°C 30 min.
Curing time 15°C 6 h
Curing time 50°C 75 min.
Curing time 70°C not recommended