New addition to the BRAWOLINER®-Portfolio:

Fast and cost-effective curing with light

In addition to the curing process by means of water, steam and the ambient temperature, we are introducing new capabilities with the process of light curing - for even more efficiency!

With its four different curing methods - water, steam, ambient temperature and light - BRAWOLINER® offers its customers and users the maximum range of options, allowing each application scenario to be dealt with individually.

For the curing with light, BRAWOLINER® offers two different systems: 

BRAWOLINER - One Liner for all 4 Curing Methods


On a higher level!

BRAWO® LumCure

UV light curing for even more efficiency!

BRAWOLINER® is the first 3D liner to receive the DIBt approval for curing with LED and UV light

BRAWO® Systems has successfully completed the test program specified by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and, with the BRAWOLINER®, has become the first 3D liner to receive the approval for rehabilitation with UV and LED light in the nominal sizes DN 100 - 225.