For changing diameters

The rehabilitation of laterals, drains and sewers with changes in diameter is a big challenge for many rehabilitation methods and systems. Particularly, changes in diameter, for example from DN 70 to DN 400.

Two changes of dimensions

The BRAWOLINER® 3D was specially developed for lining through pipelines where there are big or several changes in diameter. In diameter changes from DN 70 to DN 400 the seamless textile liner forms itself to both diameters with the final result being a wrinkle free finish. The unique and extremely flexible polyester-loop construction allows the liner to stretch laterally to accommodate diametrical changes. 
Just like the proven BRAWOLINER® -the outstanding winner of the IKT product test- the 3D-Liner is also capable of lining through multiple 90 degree bends without creating any folds or wrinkles. This means that BRAWOLINER® 3D is an ideal renovation solution for complex sewerage systems.
BRAWOLINER® 3D is available in the nominal width DN 70 to 100, DN 100 - 150 (4" to 6"), DN 150 - 200  (6" to 8") and DN 300 - 400 each in the lengths of 25 m, 50 m or 100 m

for changing diameters